Say it With Your Breasts Podcast

Ep. 15 ft. Bianca Plant, MPA, Nutritionist on Superfoods, Inner Wellness, Food as Medicine, & Self-Care

February 15, 2018

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If you know me, you know that I LOVE to eat! Don't let the skinny fool you. I also LOVE to learn about food and eating WELL! Ask my family; I'm sure they are tired of hearing me talk about probiotics and digestive enzymes lol.  In today's picture-crazed and likes-crazed society, we tend to forget about the importance of silence, inner-reflection, and even our health. It's all about the work we do on the inside that manifests outwardly, and what better place to start than how we feed ourselves?
In episode 15, I speak to Bianca Plant, a native of Lafayette, LA now located in Baton Rouge, LA! She has a Masters of Public Administration and is a nutrition blogger, working towards her license. I'm excited to have her to talk about one of my favorite things - food! We talk super food and encouraging yourself and others to eat healthy!

13:50 recipe ideas
15:22 what the health
16:59 read the labels & grassfed - 18:38
18:51 Where I from? - 20:00
21:50 dying from salt
22:34 SALT
23:15 blogging
24:17 Quinoa!! Rinse!!
26:40 Superfoods!
28:42 Wine
29:34 Bad fats vs. good
32:48 horrible oils or good oils
36:46 bread and gluten
38:48 gluten free bread
39:50 glutenease food enzymes 
42:21 food demonstrations
45:00 digest me vs. you
45:24 encouraging others
46- 49 changing eating and her motto
49 money and eating well
50:00 food and beauty and surrounding yourself well
51:15 eating and beauty 
53:20 DAIRY
54:17 pay attention to your body
54:34 mentoring
57:50 mantra

Thanks for tuning in! Follow us on social media too for video and photos!

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