Say it With Your Breasts Podcast

Ep. 7 feat. DJ Legatron Prime (Sage Edgerson): Being a Female DJ & Her Journey to the Turntables

September 24, 2017
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From Sage: 
"To My Women:

The roads of your journey won't be easy. It won't be pretty or glamorous. A times, it will be demeaning and hurtful. It will be chaos. But, the special thing about this journey is that it is all your own. Own. It. Own you: past, present and future. You are what makes your journey worthwhile and who you will become in the process will make the journey even better. So, let's celebrate all that you are, all that you are not, and all that you will become. Be the Boss and be BOSSY. Your journey is about you. Here's a little piece of my journey, and a moment of celebration for you.

They ain't seen shit yet.

We are all flowers waiting and working to bloom. "

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